Shout out to volunteer fire departments

Today at work, I had to drop everything I was doing and head off to a fire near Hawley, Minnesota.  I was told it was a huge house fire.

In my short career, I’ve been to several house fires.  It’s always awful.  Seeing people lose everything they own never gets easier.

The fire this afternoon/evening was interesting.  It was a grass turned house fire.  Fire fighters were on top of the home, drilling into the roof to try and put out the fire.  Video from our drone showed how the fire had crept into home, gutting part of it.

The response was huge. Fire departments from Barnesville, Glyndon, Hawley, Hitterdal, Lake Park were all there.  What struck me the most?  Everyone trying to put out the fire were volunteers. VOLUNTEERS.  I’m still trying to let that sink in.  They give their time and energy to the small community they call home.  We need more people like them in this world.

In regards to the fire, we’ve been told there were no injuries so that’s good.  Hope the family can piece everything back together as quickly as possible.

Video of the house fire

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Come out to Ada May 10th!

I’ve had the pleasure of putting together three stories about Ada-Borup High School’s Band Director commemorating the 1997 Flood which shut down their town.  Richard Tuttle, the director, says he doing it so his current students know the history of their town and to create a sense of healing and closure for the community.  I think it’s awesome and say we need more teachers and people like him in this world.

Ada-Borup High School Band commemorating 1997 Flood

Also, a 14-year-old composed the piece “Come Hell & High Water.”  A 14-YEAR-OLD.  His name is Karl Swenson and you should check out his website as well. Bright future ahead for that kid! Karl’s site.

The concert is May 10th at 7:00 PM at Ada-Borup High.

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Didn’t think I’d have to blog on this thing ever again

I’ll be brief.  If you’re on this site, you may have been linked to it from another blog.  I’ll spare you the details, but I will give you an update on my life.  I’m now a reporter/weekend anchor at a television station in Fargo, North Dakota.  I worked in Billings, Montana prior to here.  I still play clarinet too. 🙂

Recently, I covered a story and a high school teacher accused me of being unethical in my reporting.  Again, I’ll pass on addressing that.  However, I will address the story.

A special education teacher was caught on Twitter mocking her disabled students on what she thought was a private Twitter account.  We were sent 20 pages worth of her tweets and for timing, we had to choose just a few. She did not respond to my question about her tweets.  After the story aired, it received several hits online and below are just a few of the responses I received about it.

“I grew up in Sidney, MT with Sheridan Tihista (formerly Sheridan Pope). This is a girl who competed in the Miss Montana pageant with a platform supporting autism awareness. She has an older sister with autism. Throughout the years, I watched Sheridan be COMPLETELY AWFUL to her poor sister quite frequently. She is a mean, terrible person. She was that way to most everyone.

During the sorority bullying ordeal, there was a different side to it. My wife knows some of the girls in the sorority. Apparently what happened is she was terrible to these girls, who in turn decided they did not want to associate with her at all.

I have been waiting for this to blow up in her face for a long time. Thank you for covering it and exposing her for who she truly is.”

“I have a friend who was bullied by her pretty good. I will speak with her and give her your information. ”

“This is my kid’s case manager at Liberty. I have been telling the principal all year that Tihista seemed overwhelmed and disconnected from my kid. My gut was right.”

But yes, the high school teacher can continue to complain about my reporting.  Maybe he will be inspired to write more blog posts about the reporting in this TV market from his Ivory Tower.

Anyway, you have a great day and enjoy some of my ramblings from my 4th year of college.  I believe changing, deleting, or editing any of the posts is dishonest, so I won’t.



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Presidential Debate

Like many Americans, I was glued to my computer for the First Presidential Debate.

Barack Obama stuck to his guns, for the most part.  I’ve read numerous reports from fact checkers.  Under pressure, people will do and say things that they have not done.

My candidate, and President, misspoke on a few topics, but there is a difference between mixing up facts and completely changing your platform.

I’m happy with how my President handled himself and I’m looking forward to the upcoming debates

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The Woes of Murray, KY

Murray, KY was recently named the friendliest town in America by the people at USA Today.

I couldn’t agree more with this recent award. However, I do have some complaints about the city.

I’ll be brief.  My biggest complaint is the fact that the people that live within Murray have to drive at least 30 minutes to obtain their passports.  Murray is home to one of Kentucky’s leading institutions of higher education.  For the Honor’s Program, the students are highly encouraged, I actually believe it’s mandatory, to study abroad.  It’s senseless. Studying abroad is already hard enough, why make it harder on students, and citizens of Murray, that want to leave the US to experience more than what Western Kentucky has to offer?

My only other complaint deals with alcohol.  Recently, the City of Murray voted in favor of selling packaged liquor in stores.  This means there will soon be liquor stores dotting a few corners in Murray, and the stores already here will FINALLY be able to sale alcohol. 7 liquor stores will be allowed.

I was disappointed when I found out that the City Council had decided, in an 8 to 3 vote, to set an 8 percent regulatory tax for both restaurants and packaged liquor stores, prohibit alcohol sales past midnight, and prohibiting Sunday sales.

It is my opinion that we will never progress if we hold onto ridiculous religious convictions.  People are going to drink in those hours were sales are prohibited and people will drink on Sunday.  Mimosa for breakfast and then church.

In my opinion, what really needs to be prohibited is smoking in public places.  I shouldn’t have to avoid place to avoid harmful cigarette smoke.  It is disgusting and harmful to the smoker and people around the smoker.  Before you get riled up, I hate the smoke, not the smoker. 🙂

I’m going to take it upon myself to get questions to the answers that I have regarding the passport issue and why this town doesn’t have a stricter smoking ordinance.

Wish me luck.

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Internship – Day 1 (sorta)

Good Morning Everyone,

Today is July 2, 2012.  It also marks the first day of my internship.  True, I’ve been coming since the end of May, but the actual class that I’m taking didn’t start until today.  It isn’t a class that I attend, but rather just on paper.  July 2 – August 2, or something like that.

I’m using those dates to chronicle the 30 days, give or take, that I’ll be interning.

Today, I worked my very first morning show.  I got here around 2 am.  I wrote four stories, but one was scraped right before we went on air.  The feel is very different with the morning show.  Things are laid back and hard news doesn’t seem quite as hard. The scripts are also not followed as closely, which is a complete nightmare for the intern working the prompter for the first time.

Overall, today went well. TOMKAT is splitting up. Adele is pregnant. And July is National Hot Dog Month. Flies are gross too.

I’ll leave you with some pictures as I head out.


Arriving at the Station


Time for hot dogs!


Mike Mallory is a grill master?


Marissa likes mustard.




Tomatoes Galore!


Kansas City Dog and Chicago City Dog.

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Hi faithful readers.

A lot has happened in the last two weeks. I’m officially an intern at WPSD Local 6. It’s been pretty legit. Real stories in the Real world.

I’ve shot footage from a moving car, wrote a script for D-Day and Ray Bradbury’s death, dodged softballs, and more stuff of which I’ll post pictures.







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